Entry Level HR Course

Everything that college didn't teach you

The Entry Level HR Course is a digital, 6 week course that helps to develop a key foundation necessary for a long, successful HR career.

Entry level HR is a topic I’ve frequently discussed on this site, and it’s one that is near and dear to my heart. See, I can vividly recall the first time I attended a networking event and felt as if I was the only person in the room who didn’t know what the heck they were doing. I was an entry level HR dunce and everyone else was an experienced pro. I’ve since come a long way. I’m leading the HR function at my company and have been able to participate in some amazing learning experiences; however, I have never stopped thinking about my time as an entry level HR “newbie.” For the past few years I’ve debated with myself how I could best help those just getting into the HR field, and I finally think I have the right answer. Check out the video on the sales page for more info: http://upstarthr.com/entry-level-hr-course/

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